Roofing Update - 25 June 2009

On another project, Perley, our roofer, came yesterday to put on some new roofing material in places where we had leakage problems last winter. He’s going to leave the roofing material for a few days to make 100% sure that it has solved the problem, and when he feels confident that it has, he will coat it with his vinyl product.

He has agreed that he’ll let the Owners have a look at the product when the light-colored mid-coat is on, so that they can see if a light color is going to work. Owners: please plan to come in when we call you to do this so that we can move forward with a color choice for the final coat ASAP!

Perley’s assessment of things so far: above the VDW office, Perley will put new roofing material as a “safety measure” and will put water and ice shield in spots where leaks are, and then he will re-coat it with the vinyl product. In the hallway by Suite 6, where we peeled back the roofing last year and saw that there was barn boards instead of plywood decking, Perley says the leaks were due to torn roofing material - torn when they were removing the top layer of the roof, and also by shoveling with a metal shovel, which Perley’s slacker roof guy did once last year (Perley fired him).  Nails got disturbed by this, which Perley has since re-nailed back down in May 2009. The leaks above Brian’s office are fixed except for the leak in the back corner. He is putting rolled roofing down there, which should take care of it until the vinyl product arrives. The next few days of rain should test this.

We should let tenants know that there will be a boom parked out front - Perley will park it each morning where it needs to be for that day, before commercial tenants arrive.

Perley will fix the gutter above Apartment I - they didn’t use long enough screws to install it and so it wasn’t actually tied into the roof joists - he thinks the messed-up gutter might be responsible for the leaks above the furnace room in Brian’s suite.

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